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Our Approach

A Light in the Storm. That is what Haven Point represents to those who need and want solace and refuge in their time of need, time of transition, and success. A beacon of support, authenticity, and clarity empowers you to see the storms of life as catalysts of change rather than flaws. You can connect and trust your inner knowing of healing and wholeness. You are worthy of love, acceptance, and having a cornerstone to explore where your journey takes you next. 

We recognize the importance of everyone's safety, comfort, and position when exploring what gives meaning to transforming themselves with an attentive and respectful atmosphere. We will honor and embrace your uniqueness. Transformation requires honesty and casting away the shadows that conceal your higher self. We inspire those to delve deep and explore what brings them joy and fulfillment. This means to transcend to your highest potential. When we do this, we shine the light for those around us to see their own potential. You can seek out further knowledge in various ways, and we will be here alongside you in your process.

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Haven Point seeks to support and enhance healing, hope, and growth by honoring mind, body, and soul. This is achieved by providing a supportive, safe environment and through the utilization of holistic, integrative services for well-being from professionals who are committed to high-quality care. 

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The vision of Haven Point is to provide exceptional integrative holistic care by establishing a safe space for clients and clinicians through a serene, accepting, and healing atmosphere. Clients and Clinicians are encouraged to practice and advocate for self-care in their personal, professional, and community relationships. Our clients are guided and enriched with the crucial connection among the mind, body, and soul and how the impact on the whole person; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Haven Point believes in connecting our clients and clinicians to the community’s available resources in the form of services, organizations, and other professionals in an effort to enhance the lives and experiences of our clients, clinicians, and communities. To nurture and care for people from all walks and in all seasons of life. To lead and inspire progress and action of indispensable and forward-thinking support of our clinicians through validation, inclusivity, promotion of work-life balance, appreciation, education/training, and personal support.

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"In the darkness, a lighthouse stands as a beacon of hope, guiding souls with unwavering light of resilience and possibility."

Kimberly - Founder

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