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"Healing from Within: Transformative Support for PTSD, C-PTSD, and Trauma Recovery."

Trauma can impact many facets of life. Sleep, nutrition, and how we navigate through relationships to list a few. Unfortunately, it can sometimes look like other mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, addiction, and even ADHD.


Repeated exposure to trauma can also lead to distrust of the world, difficulty controlling emotions, and angry outbursts. It is important not only emotionally and mentally to process through those events and experiences but physically as well. Trauma can impact your brain. 

Image by Fa Barboza
Girl Watching Sunset

Trauma does not have to be experienced firsthand to affect someone. People in professions where they experience, witness, or hear about trauma over and over can be impacted. We often think of first responders and health professionals when we think of this but often teachers, therapists, military personnel, foster parents, truck drivers, construction workers, bartenders, and hairstylists hear about or handle traumatic experiences throughout their day. We all can be affected by it directly or indirectly. 


Haven Point can and wants to help. It is a safe place for you to share those stories and process through all the memories, thoughts, and emotions. Troubling and disturbing events and situations can change us in ways we didn't know they could. Healing is the only way through but you do not have to go on the journey alone

"The wound is the place the light enters you."

Rumi - Poet

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