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Who We Are

Meet The Founder

Kimberly Pratt, MA, LIMHP, LPC

The founder of Haven Point, has an extensive background in both the education and healing professions. Her personal journey has had many twists and turns that involved grief, trauma, and a determination to weather the storm. It has also come with curiosity and wonderment to explore. Her exploration led her to the helping professions in healthcare, massage therapy, higher learning, and mental health. Personally, it brought committing to healing one's self through the mind, body, and soul connections. Her ability to connect with others as a result of the storms she faced, led her to see the light in herself and others.  This unlocked both her heart and soul to devoting herself to assisting others to find their guiding light, no matter where they are in their journeys. 

She genuinely believes this can be a healing force that strengthens one's resiliency, growth, ability to embrace oneness and reveals the pathway of their identity and follow their own calling and purpose. With a focused passion, she pledges to be alongside those who are often lost in a sea of faces and strives for promoting inclusivity and accessibility of services while providing a safe place, authenticity, and validation.  

Kimberly is joined by an amazing and talented team of fellow clinicians, mentors, healers, guides, light seekers, and those who are dedicated to sharing their alchemy of metamorphosis and growth with all.

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