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Starting a Private Practice

Considering going into private practice? There is a lot involved and it can seem like a very daunting endeavor to pursue. We have provided some information to guide you through the basics of what it takes to get started and things to consider as you take a leap into a rewarding new venture. 

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We have provided a comprehensive checklist with resources to assist with researching and the steps it takes to start a business. We have included incorporation types, EIN, finances, logo, and marketing information to name a few!

Private Practice has requirements that most small businesses do not have. This checklist includes HIPAA, Billing, EHR platforms, and documents needed for a successful practice. 

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Image by Scott Graham

You have the option to bill a client's insurance for your services. We have provided a checklist of some insurance information and services to assist you in starting the process of enrolling with insurance

Starting a Private Practice Guidebook

If you prefer a more in-depth way to navigate starting a private practice we have created a guidebook to assist you for a small fee. We offer checklists, resources, example forms, and the option for customizable templates for your specific needs. 

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