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Haven Point

A light in the storm to guide towards mental wellness

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Anchored by purpose and crafted as a guiding beacon for your mental well being, like a lighthouse amidst the waves, casting clarity through foggy mental realms and steering you towards tranquil shores and more happiness

"I am dedicated to offering compassion and empathy, creating a safe haven for my clients to navigate the challenges of their mental health journey. I don't merely guide them; I walk alongside them. Embracing my role as both a helper and a healer, I find profound meaning in the realm of mental wellness."

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Anxiety & Depression

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Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

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Grief & Loss

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Group Therapy

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Life Transitions & Relationships Concerns

& Trauma

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Who We Represent

You Are The Light

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A Light in the Storm. That is what Haven Point represents to those who need and want solace and refuge in their time of need, time of transition, and success. A beacon of support, authenticity, and clarity empowers you to see the storms of life as catalysts of change rather than flaws. You can connect and trust your inner knowing of healing and wholeness. You are worthy of love, acceptance, and having a cornerstone to explore where your journey takes you next.  

Who We Are

Meet The Founder

Kimberly Pratt

The founder of Haven Point, has an extensive background in both the education and healing professions. Her personal journey has had many twists and turns that involved grief, trauma, and a determination to weather the storm. It has also come with curiosity and wonderment to explore. Her exploration led her to the helping professions in healthcare, massage therapy, higher learning, and mental health. Personally, it brought committing to healing one's self through the mind, body, and soul connections. Her ability to connect with others as a result of the storms she faced, led her to see the light in herself and others.  This unlocked both her heart and soul to devoting herself to assisting others to find their guiding light, no matter where they are in their journeys. 

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Access to More Resources

Empouer Your Journey

Haven Harbor

Navigating your mental wellness journey can be a challenging endeavor. A pivotal aspect of effective treatment lies in resourcing - identifying the tools and resources that resonate most deeply with your coping strategies and educational needs. Haven Harbor is a dedicated page for our clients, offering a collection of book recommendations, transformative apps, informative handouts, and a range of other invaluable resources. This page is designed to empower and guide you, providing essential support as you navigate your path towards enhanced well-being and understanding. Join us in exploring these resources tailored to enrich your journey.

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For Fellow Clinicians

Find Support Here

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Clinician Cove

Throughout our voyage into the mental health realm, we recognize that our growth and expertise have been enriched by the invaluable contributions of professors, students, supervisors, colleagues, and fellow clinicians. Clinician Cove is our way of paying it forward within t this dynamic and compassionate industry. Here, you'll discover resources tailored for clinicians, including NCE preparation materials, therapeutic tools, and products, as well as referral and networking aids. Our aim is to equip you with the essential resources and support needed to attract and nurture clients while fostering your professional growth and well-being. 

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Haven's Lighthouse

Welcome to Haven's Lighthouse, where mental health, psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality intersect to offer a holistic approach to enriching your everyday life. Delve into the depths of the mind, explore metaphysical mysteries, and embrace spiritual dimensions. Our mission is to unravel the psyche and provide valuable insights, educational resources, and practice hacks. Whether you seek understanding, spiritual exploration, or daily enrichment, Haven's Lighthouse is your companion for a transformative journey. Join us in weaving together science, spirituality, and self-discovery to empower you toward a more balanced, purposeful, and fulfilling life. And as we navigate this journey together, let's sprinkle in some laughter to brighten your days.

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