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Musings of Psykhe & Hekate: Magic of the Mind and Soul

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Welcome to the Musing of Psykhe & Hekate Blog

So you are probably asking yourself, why use Greek Goddesses as the name of my blog? Well, I have always been fascinated with mythology. They also embody topics I am passionate about, the Soul (Mind) and Magic.

Psykhe is the Goddess of the Soul and wife of Eros. She was once a mortal princess and very beautiful. She suffered many trials and tribulations because of her beauty and after falling in love with Eros. She died for it, but because of their love, she became a goddess. Psyche, taken from the Greek "psykhe," is defined as "the human soul, mind, spirit, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body."1 I believe this is the perfect definition. The soul, body, and mind are linked. Our souls and minds make each of us unique and unite us together. We are connected with common interests, goals, hopes, dreams, and we all live in physical bodies. Our mind governs our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our soul drives our passions, creativity, and connections, and our physical body is the vehicle to make things come to fruition.

Hekate, in Greek mythology, rules over magic, witchcraft, the night, light, ghosts, and the moon. She is often linked with the triple moon symbol. She is known by many names, Keeper of the Keys, Mistress of the Night, and Goddess of the Crossroads. As we know, a crossroad, literal or metaphoric, comes with a choice. Thus, she is capable of good and evil, much like us. We choose our responses based on the circumstances and our own experiences and perception and, therefore, are capable of amazing things, both born from chaos and destruction or love and light.

I feel the light and the dark create the beautiful and chaotic balance we desperately want and need. Who doesn't smile a bit when the person that cut you off in traffic is being pulled over? Balance. Good with the evil, light with the dark, the seen and unseen. Just like Hekate, we have that magic within us. We cannot explain that sixth sense, but we all experience it at least once in our lifetime. If you are inclined to forms of witchcraft, you may use words like spells, invocation, and psychic in your vocabulary. It may feel more comfortable for others to use words like intention, prayer, and intuition. They are one and the same.

This is why I wanted to create a blog that delves into both mind and magic. How they differ, how they are the same, and how they overlap. Some posts will be more psychological or practical based; others will be more metaphysical or spiritually "magic" based. Other posts will be a combination of both. I hope to create a balance to entertain and educate myself and others. If you are someone like me, who enjoys having one foot in both places, you have come to the right place, and I welcome you with open arms. Thank you for your insight and fellowship. For those planted on one side or the other, I'll take this opportunity to thank you for remaining open to finding out a little more.


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