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Summer Solstice

Celebrating Our Inner Seasons

Seasons of the Spiritual Journey & Holistic Wellness

A year is a way to measure the cycle of the Sun. The sun can also represent the cycle of our existence and reflects the natural ebbs and flows of energy. There are times to grow, times to rest, times to shed, and times to reflect. As we align with the Moon's journey monthly, we will align with the Sun's journey throughout the year. While Spring begins this journey and represents new beginnings, Summer symbolizes trust when navigating uncertainty. We must develop confidence in what we set in motion in previous months whether or not things get rough - our course is ready until autumn comes around again and brings changes or resolution.

The sun encourages us to seek out nourishment in our life while pushing us out of the darkness. Solstice becomes a time to figure out ourselves and our ability to be the sunshine and find meaning in our journey, even when it seems uncertain. this is the cycle of nature; new beginnings transition into a period of uncertainty. During this time, it's easy to fall prey to anxiety and concern. Big shifts can also carry old energies to the surface, and darkness can easily creep in. Summer is the time to develop faith in our life, crush the darkness with light, and trust that, like the Sun, we will rise day by day regardless of what life brings us.

Midsummer, the longest day of the year, is one of the foremost energetic days on the stellar calendar. It’s a chance to feel and acknowledge your light - its warmth and healing qualities – similarly to exploring new ways you'll be able to use it actively to bring yourself into balance and alignment with the aim of your life.

Set Intentions

The midsummer could be a very special time of year. it's an energetically charged day and a very important one to line intentions. A ritual like writing them down helps solidify their manifestation. Your intention-setting statements may include the themes of this phase- guidance, nourishment, and trust - or other qualities that you feel are necessary for your growth. Include "open" statements that open you up to receiving whatever you would like from the universe. Examples: "I am open to gaining wisdom for my highest good and growth" or "I am open to the energy needed to nourish the trust in my life."


The midsummer ritual could be a time to precise gratitude for the blessings in our lives and for all of the items we wish to manifest. during this ritual, you'll write down your gratitude statements for things already in your life and those you continue to want to return to. This practice helps with energy shifting, specializing in what you wish instead of what you don’t want. Practice these rituals on the morning of the midsummer and feel yourself nourishing the sunshine within you. Carry this sense throughout the summer as you align with the journey of the planet and the Sun.

Celebrating Your Inner Seasons Ritual

Honoring the four seasons during the solstice by using the four directions corresponding equinox or solstice. Doing this practice can align your consciousness with nature's divine, cyclical rhythm. Using candles representing each direction, light one candle as you face that direction. As you continue through all four directions, allow the information to get, then journal about what everyone brought for you.

  • Spring (East facing): Embodies New Beginnings. Reflect on what you’ve worked on the past 3 months and what new opportunities have come your way.

  • Summer (South facing): Embodies Rest & Find Direction. Reflect on the larger meaning of your life and where you ought to focus your energy and refine your attention.

  • Fall (West facing): Embodies Shedding & Detox. Focus and awaken wisdom of knowing when to let alone, when to release and when to carry on.

  • Winter (North facing): Embodies Wisdom & Reflection. Ask what wisdom is required for your journey. “What wisdom would be most precious right now?

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