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What Does It All Mean? Human Design knows...

An Brief Introduction to Human Design

Us humans have so many silly quirks. We become so inspired, and then we give up. We introject our unique knowledge, and no one wants to hear it. We have the most fantastic intuition and drive to move forward. What's that about?

Human design is a key to opening your innermost workings, knowledge, and potential. It blends astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum mechanics into a holistic self-knowledge system.

How did Human Design come to be?

While vacationing in Ibiza in January 1987, a man, Ra Uru Hu (born Alan Robert Krakower), had a terrifying but mystical experience. He began to feel as though a being was infiltrating his body and mind, which he refers to as "The Voice". He recounts the sensation of a flood of water draining from his head. He worked for the next eight days and nights transcribing the Human Design system. (Source: Foreword, The Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu).

It is important to mention, that no one except Ra Uru Hu's dog witnessed this experience and that he was known to drink and partake in LSD. Psychedelics have been used in several spiritual practices. There has also now been extensive research on how it impacts and can assist in treating depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, there is a delicate balance between spiritual experiences and psychosis if not used properly.

Human Design integrates ancient systems and modalities into one. The chakras are called centers, and the i-ching informed what are called the gates and lines of Human Design. Astrology was also used to ascertain information specific to the person.

How does it all work?

Human Design uses a specific chart based on a person's date, time, and place of birth, much like when getting an astrological natal chart. This chart will then show the type, strategy, not-self theme, definition, authority, profile, etc. There are several chart generators. Jovian Archive still holds Ra Uru Hu's work; their chart generator is myBodygraph. It is one of the better websites because it is user-friendly and interactive. You can learn more by moving your cursor over a specific chart part. See the chart below.

If you do not know your exact birth time, it can affect the chart. But there are options:

  • You can reach out to a parent or family member who may know or order a copy of your birth certificate.

  • Request a birth time rectification from an astrologer. A simple browser search can help to find someone to hire.

  • You can guesstimate your time of birth or use several different times (6 am, 12noon, 6 pm) to see if there are significant differences in your Human Design chart. If it shows an entirely different type, you can investigate both types and see which one resonates most with you.

Human Design Chart Aspects

As you can see from the example a lot is going on in this chart. All colors, shapes, symbols, and words can be overwhelming. Below are a few general things to know.

  • Red & Black Numbers & Symbols. These represent the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. The black numbers on the right are the planetary activations from birth. This is the conscious, mind, or personality of the chart. The red numbers are from planet activations three months before your birth and the unconscious or when your Design (body) was formed. The astrological symbols with the numbers indicate what gates are in those planets.

  • Type. This determines your strategy, no-self theme, and aura. There are 5 types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projectors, and Reflectors.

  • Strategy. This is how the world interacts with you and how you interact with your world. It is how things come to your attention.

  • Not-Self Theme. It sounds exactly how you think when we let our conditioning take over how we make decisions and interact with the world instead of being our authentic selves and living within our design.

  • Authority. The guidance system that helps you make decisions

  • Profile. Much like personality traits, your profile is how you interact with your environment.

  • Incarnation Cross. The theme that represents your life path or purpose is if the strategy and authority are followed.

  • Center. There are focal points that receive and transmute energy or life force that circulates.

  • Defined Center. A center that has constant access to that center's type of energy

  • Undefined Center. A center that takes in another person or people's energy as part of your own rather than having constant access alone and amplifies the energy.

Learning about your Human design can be life-changing. You are learning about yourself and also breaking away from behaviors and the identity that doesn't serve you any longer. Human Design can be a compass but the path is up to you.

If you would like to know the specifics of your chart, you are welcome to book a Human Design reading with me.

These are some products and resources to learn more or help you in your journey with Human Design.

I am certified in Level 1 and 2 Quantum Human Design™ by Karen Curry Parker. If you are interested in becoming trained and certified, please click the here to see the courses available.

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